Can you Stand Still?

So lately I've been exploring and generally interested in quantum physics and space-time.  With that comes the idea of the multi-universe and makes you really come to grips that humans are just a flash in the space-time-universe pan.  With that I liked the theorys around time travel (Einstein's theory of Relativity) and what that means to us.


Time vs Speed

So besides the timeline of the universe, what is time in general?  How does time work?  As a human we can define time as being change and we can (for simplicity sake) say we notice this change by observation.  But that then all resolves into the speed of light (ignore the fact that we can use other senses to detect change for now).

So imagine someone sitting in a room where light travled slower than someone in another room.  What would this slower light feel like?  I can imagine it being like they are in slow motion perhaps at least compared to the person in the other room.  But that person in the "slow moving light" room wouldn't know the difference, either because they always knew it to be that way or something else.

Ok so light CAN'T travel slower than the speed of light.  So like Einstein predicted, if you move faster and light can't change speed then you are actually time traveling!

So when you are flying down the freeway at 70mph (cuz you don't speed right) you are actually time traveling as well.  Time for you is going slightly slower than someone that's standing on the side of the road.

There are tons of videos you can watch that explain this much better than me.  Here's a good one:

This has been proven as well by a bunch of really smart people that took a couple of ultra fine tuned clocks that were absolutely in sync with eachother.  They then took one of those clocks to the top of a mountain for a period of time.  When they returned the one on the moutain top was behind the one lower down.  The mountain top one was moving faster because it was further out from the center of the earth.  WHOA!

Can we tell how fast we are moving just using time?

So here's my thought.  And I'm just a simple Joe with some crazy thoughts.  This may have been thought of before and maybe proven right or wrong.  Anyway here it goes:

Lets say we do the same dual clock thing like I mentioned before.  But instead of a top of a mountain we send one clock out into space.  Now somehow that clock would communicate with the other.  If we could then take this "space clock" and move it around at different speeds and compare it's rate of time change to the one on the planet; we could in theory have this space clock stay completely still!

We know by looking at stars and such that we are moving thorugh the universe (fairly quickly).  Because we are moving that means we are also traveling through time at a different rate than someone else on a different planet or spaceship.  So we could kind of figure out how fast we are moving compared to "absolute zero speed" by comparing time between the "space clock" and the earth clock.

I realize this may not work obviously, I'm not at all an expert in this area but if anything it can trigger some thoughts in your head.

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