Looking to the New Year

2017 has been a pretty good year, in general, for me. I can’t say the same for other poeple however. The United States is frighteningly separated between people, there were record breaking trategies from storms and idots with guns. For me however I’m lucky enough to not be directly affected by these things.

Workgrid Software kicked off this year which is super exciting. We are currently building an aggrigator system built for enterprises. It crossed my mind last night as I was talking to my son that we are all basically an aggrigator of information. We consume data from thousands/millions of sources and with that information we build our own opinions and thoughts. Is it slightly depressing to realize that we are pretty much a result of our environment and inputs?

For example if I listen to some news casts around Trump and how terrible he is, I’ll start to think that he’s terrible. If I had listened to other news casts that said all the great things he’s doing, I’d feel the opposite. That brings me back to the idea that I’m not an expert in anything, I just use the results of my inputs and form my own opinions and thoughts. These my be driven primarily from these inputs and you may not agree with them because your inputs are different.

What am I looking to do in 2018?

So this year I’m really planning on getting my Scamp trailer fixed up and working. Right now it doesn’t have a floor, needs an axle replacement, and leaks like crazy.

Another adventure will be to get another board game designed, refined, and possibly published. I’m currently attempting to get Catapults! game published but due to it’s expense in manufacturing it’ll be slow going. I was planning on producing the game in short quantities using my 3D printers to manufacture the parts. But since the second printer has a few issues I’m glad I didn’t commit to that (yet).


I really want to dive into more DIY electronics as well. I’ve tried many times to get started in these things but there hasn’t been a real project to work on yet. This year I will find that project, perhaps something around N-scale trains, that’ll involve using an arduino. Another option is around a board game as well.

Look forward to more posts! I’m hoping to publish my random ideas and projects here on a reasonable regular basis. I only hope to inspire at least one person to try something new or give something they “know” a second thought.