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The Multiverse and Consciousness

So if you think about it down to the atom, sub-atomic, etc etc level, we (as humans) are really made up of the same stuff the rest of the universe is made of.  In essence the universe is thinking about itself!

This all started when I watched the fantastic show "Genius by Stephen Hawking" which is a great show, I highly reccommend it.

If you don't have time, here's a quick rundown of the double slit experiment.  It shows that by the mere act of observing something you affect the outcome.  In the quantum world this means a particle decides how it'll behave knowing it's being observed!  Whoa...

So now this leads to another type of idea, the fact that the universe exists because a conscious being is able to observe it (otherwise it would all be potential waves).  Then it also spirals up to the idea that each consciousness has it's own version of the universe!

Imagine every single electron/particle making probability decisions of how it's going to behave for each consciousness that's observing it.  This means there's basically an infinite amount of universe copies out there, one for each potential outcome of each of these particles.

So ok, I'm in my own version of the universe as long as I'm conscious.  What if... I'm unconscious!?

Do we travel between realities when we are unconscious?

Now hold up crazy person...  no wait hear me out.  Imagine the same wave function as seen in the above video.  Each particle has a chance to land somewhere, with the highest potential to be in a specific place.  In the example video the particles mostly landed in the line between the slits but tapered off as they got further away.

Now take that into the next image... imagine you (or your consciousness) is a particle.  And while you are conscious you travel as if you were a particle.  But when you become unconscious (sleep? drugged? near death?) you become a potential wave.

Your future in a wave
Your future as a wave?

You won't wake up and be a millionaire (unless you already are) or a horse.  But you will wake up in a slightly different potential universe.  Whoa... wait a second...  What is the center of this?  Are we flying outward like a light?  I don't know, I'm just imagining it this way.  It lends itself into a fun thought experiment for sure!

So like the potential wave of electrons, we too are riding our own wave.  And when we are not observing the reality we are currently seeing we riding along our own "wave" in a sense.  Your potentials are higher around where you are currently heading but you could land slightly off center.  The variation between the potentials is incredibly small and it's impossible to tell or test, but imagine you go to sleep with a sore ankle.  You could wake up and it would continue to be sore or less sore.  The level of sorness may be your potential wave altering which angle you landed when you awoke!

It sounds crazy and it may be crazy, but that's kind of the point of my blog posts.  I present what's flowing through my head and sometimes it's wildly incorrect or nuts.  I just hope that maybe you get a thought or two in your head by reading this and potentially come up with some awesome idea you're willing to share.

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